Transaction Set Name Implementation Date Formats Release
810C_Rev3 Commercial Invoice 12/21/2009 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810C3
810C_Rev4 Commercial Invoice 3/08/2011 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810C4
810C_Rev5 Commercial Invoice 9/20/2011 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810C5
810C_Rev6 Commercial Invoice 3/13/2012 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810C6
810C_Rev7 Commercial Invoice 5/22/2013 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810C7
810C_Rev8 Commercial Invoice 02/14/2014 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810C8
810C_Rev9 Commercial Invoice 10/31/2019 PDF RTF 004010D810C9
810C_Rev10 Commercial Invoice 04/04/2022 PDF   RTF 004010D810C10
810P_Rev3 Progress Payment 12/18/2009 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810P3
810P_Rev4 Progress Payment 3/08/2011 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810P4
810P_Rev5 Progress Payment 9/20/2011 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810P5
810P_Rev6 Progress Payment 11/06/2012 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810P6
810P_Rev7 Progress Payment 5/22/2013 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810P7
810P_Rev8 Progress Payment 10/31/2019 PDF RTF 004010D810P8
810P_Rev9 Progress Payment 04/04/2022 PDF RTF 004010D810P9
810R_Rev1 Invoice (Certified Invoice) 12/22/2009 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810R1
810R_Rev2 Invoice (Certified Invoice) 10/31/2019 PDF RTF 004010D810R2
810R_Rev3 Invoice (Certified Invoice) 04/04/2022 PDF RTF 004010D810R3
810V_Rev4 Public Voucher 12/21/2009 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810V4
810V_Rev5 Public Voucher 3/08/2011 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810V5
810V_Rev6 Public Voucher 9/20/2011 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810V6
810V_Rev7 Public Voucher 11/06/2012 PDF RTF SEF 004010D810V7
810V_Rev8 Public Voucher 10/31/2019 PDF RTF 004010D810V8
810V_Rev9 Public Voucher 04/04/2022 PDF RTF 004010D810V9
811T_Rev1 Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement 8/14/2009 PDF RTF SEF 004010D811T1
811T_Rev2 Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement 3/08/2011 PDF RTF SEF 004010D811T2
811T_Rev3 Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement 9/20/2011 PDF RTF SEF 004010D811T3
811T_Rev4 Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement 11/06/2012 PDF RTF SEF 004010D811T4
811T_Rev5 Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement 04/04/2022 PDF RTF 004010D810R3
814A_Rev1 Chart of Accounts 6/29/2010 PDF RTF SEF 004010D814A1
814A_Rev2 Chart of Accounts 2/14/2014 PDF RTF SEF 004010D814A2
814A_Rev3 Chart of Accounts 10/31/2019 PDF RTF 004010D814A3
821P_Rev1 Financial Information Reporting 12/15/2009 PDF RTF SEF 004010D821P1
821P_Rev2 Financial Information Reporting 10/31/2019 PDF RTF 004010D821P2
821P_Rev3 Financial Information Reporting 07/29/2022 PDF RTF 004010D821P3
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Implementation Conventions (IC)

DFAS operates the DoD Finance Functional Work Group (DFFWG). The DFFWG produces finance-related Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Implementation Convention (IC) guidelines that result from customer data requirements. 
DoD FM IC guidelines that were posted to the former Federal and DoD Electronic Business Repository (FedeBiz) are now posted here.

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