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PIEE – Procurement Integrated Enterprise EnvironmentThis is the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment logo

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) is a secure Web-based system for electronic invoicing, receipt and acceptance and is part of the e-Business Suite.

PIEE creates a virtual folder to combine the three documents required to pay a Vendor - the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment application enables electronic form submission of Invoices, government inspection, and acceptance documents in order to support DoD's goal of moving to a paperless acquisition process.

It provides the technology for government contractors and authorized DoD personnel to generate, capture, and process receipt and payment-related documentation, via interactive Web-based applications. Authorized DoD users are notified of pending actions by e-mail and are presented with a collection of documents required to process the contracting or financial action.

It uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to electronically bind the digital signature to provide non-refutable proof that the user (electronically) signed the document with the contents.

More importantly, PIEE helps to mitigate interest penalty payments due to lost or misplaced documents and highlights Vendor offered discounts so that the DoD benefits on both fronts, in addition to streamlining the whole process from weeks to days or minutes.

Benefits include:

  • Online access and full spectrum view of document status
  • Minimized re-keying and improving data accuracy
  • Eliminating unmatched disbursements and making all documentation required for payment easily accessible.

PIEE is the system that allows DoD to reach its e-invoicing goals and reduce interest penalties due to lost or misplaced documents.

The web site has the latest information on:

  • Machine Setup
  • Vendors Getting Started
  • Government Users Getting Started
  • Government Support Contractors Getting Started
  • Training is a DLA hosted web page.  The following systems are also located on the e-Business Suite:

  • EDA
  • myInvoice
  • IUID
  • eMIPR
  • MRS
  • NCCS
  • Contract Closeout                                                                                                                                                                               
Page Updated July 14, 2023