Meal ticket reimbursement is designed to ensure merchants who provide food to Army Soldiers on TDY are properly paid for the meals.  The proper form for requesting reimbursement is DD Form 652 (uniformed Services Meal Ticket).

Please ensure that the original (green copy) DD Form 652 Meal Tickets have the standard payee's name and address on the bottom right corner. It is also a mandatory requirement to furnish and annotate corporate/franchise or individual Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) on each invoice or billing slip.

It is suggested to create a standard label with name, address, and Federal Tax-ID (FID) affixed to lower right hand corner or DD Form 652.  It’s strongly advised to maintain copies of all documents (meal ticket, billing receipts/invoices, etc.) for personal files before submitting for reimbursement.
CAUTION: There are mandatory signatures.  Assure that there are signatures in the following areas (without the signatures the document is non-negotiable – same as an unsigned check):

  • the Issuing Station or Ship and Date of Issue
  • Certified by (Signature of Person Receiving Meal or in Charge)

 IMPORTANT: While tax is reimbursable, gratuities (tips) and alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable
Payments to servicing restaurants are limited by the lesser amount between actual amount(s) billed compared to the total maximum rate allowable per Soldier served.  Effective October 13, 2009, the maximum allowable meal rate for breakfast is $7.00, for lunch $11.00 and for dinner is $23.00 per Soldier
EXAMPLE: If ten (10) soldiers are served breakfast at the rate of $7 each, the maximum allowable for the group is $70; however if the diners' bill only comes to $67 (including tax) then the reimbursement is $67. On the other hand, if the diners' bill totals $95, then their payment is limited to the maximum allowable $70. It is highly recommended for restaurants to make copies of these forms for their own record before mailing original meal tickets and billing slips

MEAL TICKET RESTRICTIONS - Refer to (JTR) Joint Travel Regulation
Meal tickets may not be used in the following manners:
(a) To buy alcoholic beverages.
(b) When travel is by commercial aircraft and passenger rates include meal services.
(c) When travel is by privately owned conveyance on a mileage reimbursable basis.
(d) When an advance allowance of per diem has been received.
(e) When any portion of travel extends beyond CONUS.
(f) For travel of civilian employees of shipper services.
(g) For travel of military dependents, except when a dependent is authorized per diem for the purpose of escorting a deceased military sponsor (para 55-3f).
(h) For payment of (tips) gratuity.

IMPORTANT: The most direct mailing address is different than what is on the meal ticket.  Use the following address:

DFAS Indianapolis
Transportation Payments
8899 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-0680

As the transportation bill payer for the Department of Defense, our goal is to process meal tickets efficiently. However, meal tickets will be returned if missing the certified signature of person receiving meal or in charge, a legible restaurant address (w/Zip Code) of person or concern furnishing meal to include Federal Tax-ID (FID) or if the meal ticket is not fully completed.


Questions or inquiries concerning Meal Checks should be directed to Finance Command (FINCOM) at (317) 212-6045.  FINCOM is located at DFAS Indianapolis, 8899 E. 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46249

Page updated Nov. 05, 2019