DoD FMR Volume 16, Chapter 5, Paragraph 0508 , assigned responsibility to the DFAS Office of General Counsel (OGC) for preparing consolidated bankruptcy proofs of claim for the Department of Defense. Bankruptcy proofs of claim allow the DoD to recover U.S. government property and debts owed to the DoD through the bankruptcy process.

This Web page provides links to the information available on the date posted to ensure that the DoD files complete and timely proofs of claim and provides contact details for DFAS OGC bankruptcy personnel.


DFAS strongly urges DoD organizations to frequently review these files in order to identify contractors against which DoD may have a claim. DoD organizations should immediately contact DFAS OGC with any such claim.


DoD organizations may also use the files to determine the current status of any DoD contractor bankruptcy.

Please contact DFAS OGC if you have any questions relating to a DoD contractor bankruptcy filing.


Open DoD Contractor Bankruptcy Cases - Cases open in bankruptcy courts.


Closed Contractor Bankruptcy Cases - Cases closed in bankruptcy courts.


DFAS OGC Contact Information:

DFAS Office of General Counsel
8899 E. 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46349-0160
E-Mail To:  Office of General Counsel

Page Updated April 4, 2023