Corporate Electronic Document Management System (CEDMS)

CEDMS logoCEDMS is a web-based electronic file room. It provides a secure, high performance, scalable and reliable centralized repository that accommodates administrative requirements including document management, record keeping, record retrieval, record staging, retention, contingency operations, and document security, for scanning, indexing, and managing DFAS documents.

Documents uploaded into CEDMS go through an optical character recognition (OCR) process where every word on each page is indexed and becomes searchable. Currently CEDMS accepts the following document types: TIFF, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Currently CEDMS contains over 25 million pages of over 300 different document types (accounting, mil/civ pay, travel, etc.).

Each DFAS site manages it's individual User Account set-ups. DFAS employees may gain access by submitting an approved System Authorization Access Request (SAAR), otherwise known as the DD Form 2875, to the CEDMS System Administrator at their site.

DFAS customers with a need to know can gain access to CEDMS as well and should refer to for more information.

To access CEDMS click here:


Page updated Feb. 3 2021