We know how important your pay is to you. We are committed to ensuring scheduled payments are made timely. We encourage you to use our online tools such as myPay and AskDFAS and our phone self-service tools. Our Customer Care Center representatives remain available to assist you with any additional questions you might have.

Social Security Payroll Withholding Tax Deferral

Applies to most military member and civilian employees. Find out more details here


2021 Active/Reserve Component Military Pay Table

The pay tables for 2021 Military Active Component Basic Pay and Reserve Component Drill Pay are online.

2021 Pay Day Schedules:

Reserve & Guard Members: Are you drilling for points in a no-pay status? You're still responsible for your SGLI premiums. Find out how to keep your coverage up to date.

Does DFAS process your TDY or PCS travel? If you can't use Travel Voucher Direct to submit your claim, we have new email addresses you can use!

Did you have U.S. Savings Bonds in safekeeping with us? If so (and they weren't mailed to you in 2014), you can retrieve them by following steps from TreasuryDirect.

Do you access myPay from home? If you are using an older version of the Internet Explorer web browser, you will need to upgrade to a newer version of your browser in order to continue accessing myPay. Read more for more information on browser security.

The latest version of the Department of Defense Compensation and Benefits Handbook is here! If you’re a service member, caregiver or family member, download your copy to stay up-to-date on relevant benefits information.

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TSP for active duty Army/Navy/Air Force

TSP for reserve/Guard Army/Navy/Air Force

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We're happy to provide information on this website you can use. But when you need help with your pay, benefits and deductions, visit your finance or personnel office to get answers.


Looking for information or help with your pay and allowances? The Air Force Virtual Finance site has the links, calculators, FAQs you need. There's even a tool to help you find the phone number and email address of your local Air Force finance office.


You'll need a CAC-enabled computer to access virtual Finance, but the tools and information are available 24/7. It's all on the Air Force Portal. Just look for the Life & Fitness tab, then select Money - Welcome to Virtual Finance.

Save time and eliminate the frustration of waiting for answers over the phone.


There are times when spouses, parents and even tax preparers need to talk with us regarding pay issues for our military customers. By law, we must respect the privacy of all our military members and cannot discuss any aspect of their pay unless you have a valid special power of attorney. Powers of attorney give someone the ability to act on a military member's behalf. Discuss this with your chosen representative and a member of your legal assistance team.

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