The DFAS Hotline is dedicated to the reporting of issues related to Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Mismanagement of programs and personnel under the purview of DFAS that DO NOT involve classified information. 

Examples include:
  • Abuse of Authority
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Computer Crime
  • Misconduct of DFAS personnel
  • Theft and/or abuse of government property
  • Violations of law, rule, or regulation
Things to consider prior to submitting a DFAS Hotline Complaint
Pay & Allowance inquiries should be resolved by submitting an inquiry to your local payroll or finance office first.
  • Federal Civilian Employees serviced by DFAS should contact their agency Customer Service Representative (CSR) or Human Resource (HR) office for assistance. CSR and HR representatives will contact DFAS through established communication methods to resolve items that need DFAS payroll intervention.
  • Active and Reserve Military Members must first contact their local payroll or finance office for resolution to pay or allowance matters(s).  
    • Navy Military Pay matters must be handled through the My Navy Career Center (MNCC). The MNCC provides direct support through a tiered service delivery model that combines the 24/7 availability and direct contact with DFAS Military Pay to resolve these matters.
    • Army Military Pay matters must be handled by your local Army Military Pay Office (AMPO) or reported to the Army Inspector General.
    • Air Force Military Pay matters must be handled by your local Air Force Finance Office or reported to the Air Force Inspector General.
  • National Guard Military Members should contact their residing state’s local finance office or the National Guard Bureau Inspector General for their direct assistance.
If your local payroll or finance office is unable to resolve your financial matter(s), please contact the DFAS Customer Care Center by Submitting a Ticket Online at AskDFAS (https://www.dfas.mil/dfas/AskDFAS/) or by calling toll free at (888) 332-7411.

How to Submit a DFAS Hotline Complaint
Use the DFAS Hotline e-mail, fax, and/or phone to report matters related to DFAS that you deem to be a matter of Fraud, Waste, Abuse or Mismanagement.

You may submit a complaint to the DFAS Hotline Office in the following manners:

Email: dfas.cleveland-oh.hi.mbx.investigation-hotline@mail.mil
Note:  Emails are not automatically anonymous. Include one of the following designators regarding your preference on disclosure of your name and contact information at the beginning of your email:

Fax: 216-367-0343
Phone: Toll Free: 1-800-330-8720; Commercial: 216-204-5806; or DSN 580-5806
Note: The DFAS Hotline phone is not staffed; however, it is checked daily. Please leave a detailed message with your identification and call back information. However, for the BEST results, submit a detailed email to which we can respond directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to identify myself?
No, you do not have to identify yourself. In addition to filing anonymously (where you do not give the DFAS Hotline any identifying information), you may also indicate your option of “consent” or “non-consent” to disclosure of your identity.



When providing consent to the disclosure of your identity outside of the DFAS Hotline, disclosure is provided only on a “need-to-know” basis to organizations and other investigative personnel necessary to complete the inquiry into allegations and to take corrective actions, if any. 
Note: In most cases, it is beneficial for investigators to be able to verify your identity in order to obtain additional information from the source of the complaint, if needed. Thus, that is the scenario under which your consent to disclosure would aid the process.

You have two options when you do not consent to disclosure of your identity:

1) Release your identity to the DFAS Hotline only, via DFAS Hotline personnel, with the understanding that your information will not be released to anyone outside of the DFAS Hotline Office; including other investigating officials outside of the DFAS Hotline Office, which may be assigned to look into the matter;


2) Release your identity with the understanding that only the DFAS Hotline Office, DFAS Internal Review, or the DoD Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG), via DFAS Hotline of DoD OIG personnel, who may be outside of the DFAS Hotline Office, will know who you are.

If you do not consent to disclosure of your identity, the DFAS Hotline Office will make every effort to protect your identity from disclosure; however, we cannot guarantee confidentiality since disclosure may be required during the investigation or in the course of corrective action. Regardless of the consent disclosure choice you elect (consent or non-consent), your identity may be disclosed if required by applicable legal authority, or the Director, DFAS Internal Review (or designee), determines that such disclosure is otherwise unavoidable to address the matters contained in the complaint.  Such circumstances may include a matter involving a specific danger to health or safety, or a national security issue.

If you file your complaint anonymously, we will not know who you are. As such, the DFAS Hotline Office will not be able to contact you to request additional information and will not be able to provide you with a response to the complaint.  Complaints received from a temporary email account to remain anonymous, without any other identifying or contact information, will not receive a response from the DFAS Hotline Office, as they have no method of verifying your identity.

For matters of Fraud, Waste, Abuse or Mismanagement, you will only receive a response if the matter directly impacted you; this is done to protect the identities of others who may have been identified during the course of an investigation and to prevent the release of any sensitive information.
Page updated November 6, 2023