MOCAS Data Sharing Initiative (MDSI)

Are you a MOCAS contractor? Would you like to receive data extracts on your contracts once a week? Then just read on.

Registered participants will enter their CAGE code data via a dedicated web page to receive this MOCAS data twice a month. The data extract is transmitted to a secure FTP server, and you can access this data using your individual User Name and Password.

The extracted fields from MOCAS are:

  • ACRN data
  • Contracts
  • Disbursements
  • Invoices (including extended reason code information with the reason(s) for rejection)
  • Line item
  • Modifications
  • Shipment data
  • Service line item
  • Schedule data

Benefits of this data-sharing project are designed to:

  • Expedite correction of errors in MOCAS and contractor's internal records
  • Improve cash flow to contractors
  • Identify unbilled deliveries
  • Reduce rejection of invoices by DFAS
  • Reduce rejection of DD Form 250's by DCMA
  • Reduce/avoid payment delays
  • Aid reconciliation efforts
  • Reduce overage contracts and speed contract closeout
  • Eliminate rework and free up resources for other efforts

MDSI information is posted to the DCMA web site, under General Pay Chapter - accessible by contractors, or visit the DCMA website, then click on Policy, then General Pay Chapter.

If you are interested in participating, send your e-mail request to:

Page updated February 07, 2020