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Convenience Check/1099PRO

System Status:

The 1099TRP has been permanently shutdown as of Monday, February 25, 2019. This homepage will remain available for customers to access government convenience check reporting instructions.


Due to the 1099TRP being deemed a legacy system, we are transitioning government convenience check reporting to the 1099 Pro application. Government convenience check reporting will be submitted monthly by the Agency representative on an excel spreadsheet provided by the DFAS Tax Office. The spreadsheet will be submitted on the fifth business day of the month with the previous month's check data to dfas.cco-checks@mail.mil. The spreadsheet and frequently asked questions are under Additional Information below. Thank you for your patience while we transition to the 1099PRO.

For additional questions or concerns, please contact the DFAS Tax Office at dfas.cco-checks@mail.mil.

1099 IRS regulations and the Purchase Card Program:

Page updated March 09, 2020