EDM Gateway

EDM gateway common access portal allows DFAS and DoD users Single Sign on access to all of the EDM applications and interfaces.  Users login through the EDM gateway access portal by navigating to the following link: https://edmgateway.dfas.mil/. First time users must log in and create a user profile.


Electronic Document Management (EDM)

EDM is an electronic storage and workflow system, providing DFAS users with access to electronic images utilized for the processing of payments and other transactions. The documents are logically associated, stored, and referenced similar to conventional paper documents. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Redaction Engine (PURE) is a web-based component of EDM which uses Optical Character


     Electronic File Room (EFR)


EFR is a web-based version of EDM developed specifically to allow DoD agencies external to DFAS access to official DoD data stored within the EDM database. Users can obtain copies of documents stored, view status of workflow cases, and do fax research.



eUpload is a web-based application developed specifically to provide DoD agencies ability to upload data to the EDM database. Users upload scanned .PDF or .TIF files. Users access eUpload via EFR.



   Multi-System Search Tool (MSST)

External systems currently supplying information to MSST are Electronic Document Management (EDM), Electronic Document Access (EDA), Voucher Processing System (VPS), and Corporate Electronic Document Management System (CEDMS).

MSST provides a single website for DFAS, military services, defense agencies and other federal process partners to search for and retrieve key document information from multiple DoD source systems.  MSST receives a daily feed from each source system. With the exception of some documentation, which have been deemed as sensitive, the following documents are available in MSST:

NOTE: The MSST database instance will no longer contain document index references that are older than the 10 year, 1 month document retention limit. Older records may be available by searching the source systems for documents outside of the retention limit.

Access to EDM/EFR is a prerequisite for MSST access.  Access to the source system is required to retrieve/view documents from that system.

ACCESS to the EDM gateway and suite of applications is a two part process:

1) Access requests are submitted via the Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS). URL: https://amps.dla.mil

2) First time users will need to request access to the EDM gateway Access Portal.  The Access Portal is launched from the following web address: https://edmgateway.dfas.mil/.  After agreeing to the Notice and Consent Banner, users must update their user profile. Upon approval, a System Access Administrator will provision your account accordingly.

SUPPORT:  Resources (by Site/application)

Columbus (CO, IN, EU, LI, JA, WHS, EFR, MSST) - dfas.dscc.jas.mbx.cco-cash@mail.mil

Rome (Rome, SWA) - dfas.rome.jam.mbx.romesecurity@mail.mil

Cleveland- dfas.cleveland-oh.j3s.mbx.cars-csg@mail.mil

Texarkana (NAFS) - dfas.rrad.jnb.mbx.dtx-ss-systems@mail.mil