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Tax Office

Mission Statement

  • The Tax Office’s primary mission is to perform all the tax functions associated with commercial pay and entitlement payment activity for Defense Agencies and Military Service (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines) customers.  This includes ensuring that payment activity impacting income reporting to the Internal Revenue Service is reviewed and closely monitored.  It also includes making sure guidance in IRS regulations is met and constantly reviewed, along with issuing and correcting documents to ensure compliance. The Tax Office coordinates closely with programmers of the various systems (both legacy and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)), DFAS and non-DFAS commercial pay entitlement systems regarding changes required when tax laws change.
  • The Tax Office’s mission includes oversight of all tasks and functions associated with end-of-year tax processing, to include contract procurement and production of W-2 and 1099 data for all civilians, active and reserve military, retired military and annuitants, travel and payments made through the accounts payable systems. 
  • The Tax Office serves as enterprise IRS and State liaison for Employer Identification Number (EIN) Tax Debts and Delinquent Reporting. The Tax Office is the DFAS liaison between Federation of Tax Administrators and State Tax Authorities relating to delivery of end-of-year files, reconciliation and payment issues. This includes providing daily customer service to state and local agencies to resolve missing tax reports or coordinating the resolution of tax reporting issues.

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Page updated September 26, 2019