Getting Started with myInvoice

myInvoice for WAWF

The myInvoice system has moved to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). Contractors/vendors not using WAWF will need to register for WAWF in order to gain access to the new myInvoice functionality. Even invoices not submitted via WAWF will be viewable through this new capability.
Effective with this change, no new accounts will be established under the old myInvoice system. All new account requests will need to be sent via myInvoice for WAWF.
After February 2015, access will only be available through WAWF. To register in WAWF, please go to https://wawf.eb.mil.
Please begin working in the new WAWF myInvoice module.

Understanding the myInvoice Status Codes

For a list of Suggested Actions based on myInvoice status,  Suggested Actions List

Getting Started with WAWF myInvoice

myInvoice is an interactive web application developed specifically for contractors/vendors and government/military employees to obtain invoice status. It is available 24/7.

To register in WAWF, please go to https://wawf.eb.mil/     

For help with registration in WAWF, go to https://wawf.eb.mil/xhtml/unauth/help/help.xhtml   

DFAS WAWF myInvoice Help Desk mailbox: