DFAS Agency Contacts

For individual pay questions, please contact our customer care center at 1-888-DFAS411 (1-888-332-7411). The contacts below cannot answer individual pay questions or provide income verification.

This page is intended for our Financial partners to obtain mission areas contacts. 

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For customer service issues:

Please contact our Customer Care Center

DFAS Headquarters Mailing address:
8899 East 56th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46249
Client Executive Liaisons  
Army 703-545-6187
Air Force/Space Force 614-701-2364
Defense Agencies (Serviced by DFAS Columbus) 614-701-2382
Defense Agencies (Serviced by DFAS Indianapolis) 317-212-1577
ePayroll (Health & Human Services, Global Media, Dept. of Energy) 216-204-2731
ePayroll (Veterans Administration, Executive Office of the President) 317-212-1577
Navy/Marine Corps 216-204-2869
Non-Appropriated Fund Activities 903-334-1408
Veteran's Benefit Administration (VBA) 614-302-2684

Strategy and Support  
Chief Financial Officer 317-212-6283
Chief Information Officer/
Director Information Technology   
Corporate Communications 317-212-3033
Enterprise Management Services 571-372-5927
Human Capital 317-212-7911
Human Resources* 317-212-2368
Office of Equal Opportunity Programs      317-212-2165
Strategy, Policy and Requirements 317-212-2973
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Not for Income Verification. If you are a company looking for income verification, instruct the member to contact their local Human Resources to obtain, or determine how to obtain, income verification.

Page Updated November 23, 2021