The EFR is an electronic filing cabinet for contract pay, vendor pay and transportation documents.

It is a web-based view only portal into DFAS' Electronic Document Management (EDM) System. EDM employs three technologies (Imaging, Electronic Foldering and Workflow) that work together to manage information without paper. Imaging is the electronic capture, storage and display of documents. Electronic Foldering is the logical grouping of related electronic documents into a folder. Workflow is the automation of business rules and processes. EDM provides DFAS users with electronic access to payment documents and information, resolves the management of large volumes of hard copy documents, ensures the consistent implementation of business practices throughout DFAS, improves customer service and reduces operating costs.

The primary function of EFR is to allow internal and external process partners' access to official Department of Defense (DoD) documents stored on the local contract pay and vendor pay databases.

EFR benefits the user by eliminating delays in access of critical documents, provides a single source for electronic search and retrieval of these documents and provides increased visibility to all procurement and payment actions. Access to EFR is via the EDM/EFR documents link available on the Electronic Document Access (EDA) home page.

For more information please contact dfas.dscc.jas.mbx.cco-cash@mail.mil

Page Updated: April 22, 2015