Advances for Active Duty Service Members

Advance travel payments may be authorized for the below entitlements if the Member is not a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) holder or an advance is not specifically prohibited in the orders.

If an Army member is a card holder, an advance travel payment may only be authorized for DLA. The GTCC must be used for all other PCS travel expenses. For additional information, please see this memo.

* Accession and Separation PCS moves are excluded from the mandatory IBA use requirement and therefore advances may be authorized for allowable PCS entitlements if not prohibited in the orders.

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PCS Entitlements for Active Military Service Members

When completing a PCS move, you will in-process with your local pay office who will help answer any of your entitlement questions.

Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation (MALT)
Plus (Per Diem)
Temporary Lodging Expense
Dislocation Allowance
Personally Procured Moves
Dependent Travel 
Advance Payments


PCS Entitlements for Separating or Retiring Military Service Members

Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation (MALT)
Plus (Per Diem)
Dependent Travel
Personally Procured Moves (PPM)
Advance Payments 

Per Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), we cannot process your travel voucher until the date you are placed on the retirement list or the discharge date on your military orders.

Form Completion

Make sure your claim is complete and correct before you send it in!  If you include a valid e-mail address in box 6e of your DD1351-2, we will send you updates.  Don’t forget to keep a copy of your submission.

Follow these tips:

  1. Use SmartVoucher – This guides you step-by-step through a series of questions and upon completion, it will generate a completed DD Form 1351-2 travel voucher.
  2. Follow the How to Complete the DD1351-2 Guide
  3. Use the Military Permanent Change of Station or Separating/ Retiring from the Military checklist to make sure you complete all the required information.
  4. Review your specific entitlement under the "PCS Entitlements" above.

Link here to access all the necessary forms for your Military PCS

ATTENTION customers submitting casualty PCS travel vouchers:

Submit your travel voucher packages to

or mail to:
     DFAS-IN/Casualty Travel (JFA)
     8899 E. 56th St.
     Indianapolis, IN  46249

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Updated June 23 2022