Family SGLI (FSGLI) was implemented by the Department of Veterans Affairs in December 2001 to extend insurance coverage to spouses and children of members eligible for SGLI.
In order to be eligible for FSGLI, spouses and children must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). Once registered in DEERS, spouses and children are automatically covered unless the service member declines coverage by filing a SGLV-8286A (Family Coverage Election) form with their personnel office.
With the establishment of the FSGLI program, military members married to other military members are required to register their spouses in DEERS as well. This allows for calculation of FSGLI premiums, as DEERS is the only official source of the spouse’s personal information, such as date of birth.
All family members are automatically covered by FSGLI from their date of eligibility. For families registered in DEERS, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service can calculate premiums and deduct them from the member’s pay. Delay in DEERS registration can delay this deduction and result in a debt for missed premiums.
If you're in a military-to-military marriage, read more on the latest changes in the law that eliminates automatic enrollment for your spouse. FSGLI is still an option, but you'll have to take steps to enroll.
No matter which choice you make, your spouse must be enrolled in DEERS. Take a copy of your marriage certificate to your personnel office to make sure your information is up to date.

Learn more about Family SGLI at the VA's website or visit a local VA office.