Plus (Per Diem)

There are two types of ‘Plus’ (Per Diems) paid during a PCS move to assist you and your dependent(s) with paying for lodging and meals.

Monetary Allowance in lieu of Transportation (MALT)-Plus is authorized to service members traveling by POV.  While MALT is paid on a per mile basis, the ‘Plus’ (per diem) portion is paid on a whole day calendar basis for the allowable travel time.

Lodgings-Plus is used to pay for lodging costs associated with a PCS move.  This per diem may be paid for any necessary overnight delay or processing time at a transportation terminal or personnel processing center related to a PCS move.

Lodgings-Plus and MALT-Plus cannot both be paid on the same day.  If there is a day that MALT-Plus and Lodgings-Plus per diem could both be paid to a service member, Lodgings-Plus will be paid.  However, Lodgings-Plus and MALT can both be paid to a service member on the same date.

Contact your local pay office for questions about ‘Plus’ (per diem) entitlements.

Page updated October 5, 2020