Accompanied by Service Member
Service members are authorized dependent PCS travel and transportation allowances when completing a PCS move including:

  • Transportation-in-kind plus per diem
  • Reimbursement for common carrier transportation procured at personal expense plus per diem
  • MALT for POC Travel, plus per diem for the required travel days between authorized points.

Not Accompanied by Service Member

If the dependents moved to the new duty station and were not accompanied by the service member, a separate DD 1351-2 must be submitted for the dependents’ period of travel.  When submitting a separate DD 1351-2, be sure to include all lodging receipts (regardless of amount) and receipts for any reimbursable expense exceeding $75.

Need additional information?

Please see Chapter 5: Permanent Duty Travel in the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) or contact your local pay office.

Per Diem Allowances:

Per diem for the dependent traveling with Service Member:

  • 75% of the member’s per diem rate for each dependent age 12 or older;
  • and 50% of the member’s per diem rate for each dependent under age 12.

Per diem for the dependent traveling separately

  • One Dependent Traveling Separately. The dependent is authorized the same per diem rate the member would have been authorized for travel (100% per diem).
  • Two or More Dependents Traveling Separately. When two or more dependents travel together but separate from the member, the member is authorized per diem at a rate of:
    • 100% for one dependent, age 12 or older; and
    • 75% for each of the other dependents, age 12 or older, traveling with that dependent; and
    • 50% for each dependent under age 12, traveling with that dependent.

Page updated October 5, 2020