- Government Remittance Made Easy

MOCAS customers are no longer allowed to submit credit card payments to repay "debt" owed to the government via is a United States Treasury website that allows contractors and vendors to make secure electronic remittances to DFAS. Benefits

  • Free, fast and easy to use: No cost account set up and within a few easy steps, you can pay your DFAS bills electronically in minutes.
  • Secure online access:  No risk of compromised account information due to lost mail or hackers.
  • Convenient 24/7 access:   Access anywhere, anytime.
  • Immediate remittances:  Eliminate paper checks and avoid potential interest charges by delayed mail delivery.
  • Single Entry or multiple remittance options available: Create a login account and store your debit/credit card or checking/savings account information for future or recurring remittances.

Change in maximum allowed credit card amounts:

Currently, U.S. Treasury has an established maximum transaction amount of $49,999.99 for credit card payments made through Beginning June 1, 2015 the Credit Card Limitation is being reduced from $49,999.99 to $24,999.99. 

For a single remittance page click here:

To establish an account for recurring remittances:

Select the “Click Here to Register” link under “Should I Register” to create an account.

If you have questions please contact the DFAS Customer Care Center at 1-800-756-4571 or email here.

Page updated April 26, 2022