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Plans & Operations NCO 24-6275

Army: E7:E8

Length: 400 Days; Location: Peral Harbor, Hawaii
Agency: Defense Logistics Agency Activity: DLA-Energy
Service: Army Desired Grade: E-7, E-8

Tour Description: DLA Energy Indo-Pacific [South-West] is headquartered in Guam, with requirements stretching from West of the International Date Line to the Indian Sub-continent and South of Okinawa through Australia and New Zealand. The Chief of Plans and Operations supports the execution of integrated material management and distribution operations of bulk petroleum products and energy services for U.S. forces in 22 nations in the Western Pacific (WESTPAC). Responsible for developing and integrating critical Class III bulk supply chain plans and facility capability models (Fuel Models) for Operational Plans (OPLANs) supporting US Indo-Pacific Command's (USINDOPACOM) strategic bulk petroleum requirements. Assesses and integrates key civil and commercial capabilities (International Airports, Port Authorities, Refineries, and Transportation Providers) with military service and civil defense capabilities in order to evaluate and implement supporting plans for WESTPAC OPLANs. Assesses and analyzes facility operational capabilities to support OPLAN requirements. Assesses, reviews and monitors inventory requirements of all DLA owned petroleum and provides facility maintenance support for all Defense Fuel Service Points (DFSPs) located within the DLA Energy Indo-Pacific South-West subregion. Assesses petroleum distribution capabilities and assures product integrity for direct delivery contract facilities in support of exercises and contingency bulk fuel requirements for land, air and sea operations. Evaluates, orders, and monitors the resupply of DFSPs to assure maintenance of required inventories in accordance with the current DLA Energy Inventory Management Plan (IMP). Assesses and reviews currency and accuracy of operational support supply chain fuels models which includes and integrates support capabilities for Acquisition Cross Servicing Agreements (ACSA). Ensures support for multiple civilian and military agencies to include USINDOPACOM, service component commands, multiple JTFs, and DoD agencies, as required. Assures bulk petroleum distribution operations to support identified exercise requirements in the WESTPAC, which include recurring exercises such as Cope North, Cobra Gold, Salikanib, Balikatan, Valiant Shield, Garuda Shield, Talisman Saber, and Pacific Partnership.
Qualifications: Secret Clearance Required.
To apply, contact: MSgt Leanna Rudibaugh - 317-361-7738