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3 Tours Available
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General Engineer 24-6263

Army or Air Force: O2:O3:O4:W2:W3:W4

Length: 1 Year; Location: Battle Creek, Michigan
Agency: Defense Logistics Agency Activity: DLA-Installation Mgmt - Battle Creek
Service: Air Force or Army Desired Grade: O-2, O-3, O-4, W-2, W-3, W-4

Tour Description: 
  • Serves as a senior facilities engineer and responsible for the Real Property Maintenance and the Military Construction programs for regional DLA Disposition Services locations.
  • Advises on all aspects of facilities engineering, including related professional mechanical, electrical, industrial, architectural, energy, environmental, and safety engineering and engineering management matters.
  • Responsible for project management, design, layout, construction maintenance, and repair of projects consisting of electrical, mechanical, industrial and architectural systems.
  • Prepares facility engineering project documentation including cost estimates, design alternatives, economic analyses and environmental assessments
  • Demonstrated ability to apply civil, electrical, industrial, and mechanical engineering principles, methods and techniques to resolve difficult facility engineering problems in the maintenance and repair of buildings and new construction.
  • Skill in managerial functions, practices and techniques and basic administrative processes.
To apply, contact: SFC Lee Melvin - 317-626-3980

Construction Control Representative 23-6481

Army: E-6 to E-8

Length: 730 Days; Location: Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Agency: Corps of Engineers Activity: USACE - Detroit District (LRE)
Service: Army Desired Grade: E-6, E-7, E-8

Tour Description:
Will consider a 12W (Construction), 12H (Engineering Supervisor), 12R (Electrical), 12K (Plumber), 12N (Horizontal)

Construction Control Representative Responsibilities:
  1. Observes and investigates all construction phases of highly complex projects to ensure compliance with contract schedules, specifications and shop drawings.
  2. Confers with contractors concerning sufficiency and suitability of equipment being used, number of workers employed, etc., to assure completion of work on or ahead of schedule.
  3. Review contractor's proposed working schedules for logic, adequacy and to determine whether construction schedules will be met. Recommends revision to schedule as necessary.
  4. Conduct site showings and pre-construction conferences and discuss principal construction features and requirements, in terms of methods and equipment operations.
  5. Prepare and review other reports such as results of tests, change orders or other deviations approved or submitted with recommendations, etc.
  6. Perform biddability, constructability, operability, environmental, sustainability (BCOES) reviews of plans and specifications to determine practicability from a construction viewpoint whether physical obstruction or other construction difficulties.
Conditions Of Employment:
  1. Appointment may be subject to a suitability or fitness determination, as determined by a completed background investigation.
  2. Initial and annual physical exam is required.
  3. Position requires employee to serve on rotating shifts, weekends and holidays.
  1. Problem Solving: Identifies problems; determines accuracy and relevance of information.
  2. Communications: Communicate, written and oral.
  3. Contract Management: Knowledge of various types of contracts, techniques for contracting or procurement, and contract negotiation and administration; oversight of contractor performance.
  4. Quality Management: Knowledge and application of the principles, methods, and tools of QA/QC to ensure that project, system, or product fulfills requirements/standard
To apply, contact: MSgt Leanna Rudibaugh - 317-361-7738

Engineering Technician - Survey 23-6330

Army: E-5 to E-8, W-1 to W-3

Length: 2 Years; Location: Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Agency: Corps of Engineers Activity: USACE - Detroit District (LRE)
Service: Army Desired Grade: E-5, E-6, E-7, E-8, W-1, W-2, W-3

Tour Description:
Performs or reviews all required calculations, reductions, analyses, and processing of hydrographic survey data to complete a variety of cartographic products using CADD, Hypack, or other 3D data processing software suites.

Typical tasks: dredging volume calculations; disposal area volume capacity calculations; seafloor contour maps; before and after dredge completion surveys; statistical shoal rate analyses; 2-D and 3-D subsurface model diagrams; and manipulations of digital engineering data, maps, and remote sensing imagery within a Geographic Information System (GIS). Plans and coordinates the activities of the survey field crews engaged in providing survey and other Geospatial data, in support of design, construction, and operation and maintenance functions in support of navigation locks and dams, disposal facilities, and facility construction.

Responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, supervising, and reviewing activities of the field survey crews and survey equipment in accomplishing survey operations which include reconnaissance, preliminary, construction, control and topographic surveys for civil projects in the project office jurisdiction. Works in the field to accomplish tasks when needed. All surveys are completed in an electronic environment using total stations, digital levels, and global positioning system (DGPS) and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) equipment. Conducts mission planning, ground control establishment, pre-flight preparation and safety inspection, UAS operation as Remote Pilot in Command or Visual Observer, system monitoring during missions, post-flight inspections, and mission debriefing. Utilize appropriate photogrammetric mapping software to post process mission data, video, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) point clouds, and imagery collected during UAS missions to develop surveying, mapping, and engineering products meeting customers requested specifications.

Qualifications: Army Engineer Noncommissioned Officer, Warrant Officer, or Commissioned Officer. Preferred MOS include 12C, 12D, 12G, 12H, 12N, 12T, 12X, 12Z, 120D, & 125D. Other MOS/CMF may be considered. Previous USACE experience highly advantageous.
To apply, contact: MSgt Leanna Rudibaugh - 317-361-7738