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DFAS Europe Accounts Payable Customer Support Operations

The DFAS Europe Accounts Payable Customer Support (APCS) team provides quality customer service and guidance to European customers for Vendor Pay inquiries. APCS is the primary POC for European Contracting and Resource Management Communities and Foreign Vendors.

Our Customers are vendors, contracting units, resource management offices, transportation offices, and receiving activities in Europe.  We provide support to the U.S. military and Defense Agencies.  We assist our customers by submitting payment packages for the paying offices (DoDAACs) found in the “Where to Submit Documents” section below.  We also address customer inquiries including payment status and payment history requests and the team facilitates entitlement corrections with DFAS payment offices.

Where to Submit Documents:

If your contract has the WAWF Clause 252.232-7003, your Invoices and Receiving Reports must be submitted electronically through iRAPT.

Invoices, Receiving Reports, Contractual Documents that do not have the WAWF Clause (252.232-7003) can be submitted to the below drop-boxes: 

Pay Office

Send Payment Packages To

HQ0432 - DFAS Indianapolis Transportation Pay (HHG/Freight)


HQ0131 -DFAS Columbus (DeCA/Defense Agencies)


HQ0428 - DFAS Rome


HQ0429 - DFAS Rome Lawton (Army)


HQ0672 - DFAS Rome (Army/GFEBS)


HQ0672 - DFAS Rome (AFRICOM)



Not sure who your paying office is? You can find this information in block 15 (DD1155) or in block 18a (DD1449) of your contract.

Please note: We cannot answer questions regarding civilian pay, military pay, travel pay, or retired and annuitant pay. For assistance with these subjects or any others not related to Vendor Pay, please click here for a list of phone numbers. 

How to Contact Us:

For our customers in the European Contracting and Resource Management Communities, please use the following contact information to direct your inquiries.


Customer Service Phone Number:

  • Commercial: 011 – 49 – 631 – 411 - 6523
    DSN: (314) 483 - 6523
    Business Hours:
    0800 – 1130
    1230 – 1600

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