Army Reservist (Called to Active Duty) TDY -
Training Type

What Type of TDY Travel Are You On?

Allowances vary depending on the type of training you are participating in, the location, and the length of the training. Please select the most appropriate option below:

Photo of a soldier climbing a wood wall with a rope on a confidence course.

Active Duty Training (ADT)

Full-time training for a Ready Reserve member to acquire or maintain military skills. Includes initial basic training, advanced individual training, annual training, or full-time attendance at an approved school.

Photo of soldiers in a classroom training setting.

Inactive Duty Training (IDT)

Reserve Component member’s authorized training or special additional duty performed while not on active duty, during prescribed training/maintenance activities of the units you are assigned. Does NOT include work or study for a correspondence course. 

Photo of reserve soldiers loading into a commercial airplane.

RC Member Called or Ordered to Active Duty With Pay for a Specific Duty Status​

Reserve Component (RC) refers to the Army Reserve, the Navy Reserve, the Marine Corps Reserve, the Army National Guard of the United States, the Air Force Reserve, the Air National Guard of the United States, the Coast Guard Reserve, and the Reserve Corps of the Public Health Service.


Image IconTDY Travel orders are not the same and each have its own characteristics. Your orders may affect how long you serve at the post, the specific location, and your entitlements. Your TDY will be outlined in your travel orders, which will contain your authorized entitlements to include: transportation mode, duration of TDY, lodging, meal rate and any other authorized miscellaneous expenses.

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