Army Reserve and National Guard TDY

What Type of TDY Travel Are You On?

The type of TDY you are performing may impact your authorized allowances and information you are required to submit with your travel voucher.

Please select the most appropriate option below:
Photo of a man at an airport staring out of a window watching a plane take off. Click to be taken to normal TDY travel. Photo of a soldier staring at a computer screen doing training. Click to be taken to training TDY Photo of a soldier preparing to deploy. Click to be taken to deployment tdy. Soldier standing in front of a military medical vehicle. Click to be taken to special circumstances TDY.

Normal (Business/Regular) Travel TDY

Training TDY

Deployment - Temporary Change of Station (TCS)

Special Circumstances TDY

You are considered to be on this type of TDY when traveling for: site visits, conferences and meetings, etc. (not for training).

You may be on one of three types of training:

  1. Active Duty Training
  2. Inactive Duty Training
  3. RC Member Called or Ordered to Active Duty with Pay for a Specific Duty Status
You are considered to be on this type of TDY when your permanent duty station will temporarily change to an alternate location for the purpose of deploying in support of a specific military operation. You are considered to be on this type of TDY when you are traveling for government funded leave or medical travel.
Image IconTDY Travel orders are not the same and each have its own characteristics. Your orders may affect how long you serve at the post, the specific location, and your entitlements. Your TDY will be outlined in your travel orders, which will contain your authorized entitlements to include: transportation mode, duration of TDY, lodging, meal rate and any other authorized miscellaneous expenses.

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Page Updated Dec 2, 2023