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Disputing/Protesting Your Debt - Non-Base Level Debts

Contact the Pay Office That Placed You in Debt

Ask the pay office that placed you in debt to submit documentation regarding your debt to DFAS.

  • Army, Air Force, and Space Force should submit documentation to DFAS through Case Management System (CMS).
  • Navy should submit documentation to DFAS through Defense Workload Operations Web System (DWOWS).

Required documentation to support your protest may vary based on the type of debt you have incurred and your service status. The below list of documents are informational ONLY. Your service will be responsible for sending applicable documents to DFAS.

  • Amended Orders
  • DD Form 139
  • DD Form 214
  • DD Form 215
  • DD Form 4187
  • Documentation from unit allowing performance past DOS
  • Enlistment/Re-enlistment contract with bonus documentation
  • Leave cancellation - VOIDED Leave Request Authorization
  • Letter from unit collecting bonus or Army G1 stating bonus is non-recoupable
  • Letter from unit requesting cancellation of debt, on unit letterhead, signed and dated
  • Memorandum of Loss or Damage of Government Property
  • Official certified leave document that differs from the 0-642 leave computation
  • Official certified leave document with differing dates
  • Official orders if placed on active duty
  • Reserve Bonus - Letter from Bonus Incentive Manager or Army G1
  • SGLI Form 8286 declining coverage
  • Travel - Settlement voucher

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Page updated July 7, 2023