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What is an education debt?

Many military members receive an advance on educational assistance with the understanding that they meet certain conditions outlined in a contract. The individual is required to complete the educational requirements, and serve on active duty, for the full period outlined within the contract. If an individual voluntarily, or because of misconduct, fails to fulfill any condition or term in their contract, they must reimburse the military.

The required repayment is considered a debt. The debt is comprised of the cost of tuition, books, supplies, miscellaneous expenses, etc. Any amount owed under the agreement is assessed interest based on the 90 day Treasury Bill auction rate on the day which reimbursement is determined. Individuals have ten years, or 120 months, to repay their debts with a minimum payment of $50.00 per month.
Educational related debts for tax purposes, are considered contract debts and not educational loans. Therefore, we will not issue a statement of paid interest for tax purposes.

Suspension of reduced monthly payments

In some circumstances we will consider suspension of or reduced monthly payments due to full-time school enrollment or financial hardship. Each account is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you are requesting deferment of payment or a reduced monthly payment plan, please contact the Customer Care Center at 866-912-6488.

If suspension or a reduced monthly payment plan is approved, you will be required to certify annually by providing an updated Financial Status Form and verification of full-time enrollment. If we do not receive proper documentation, we will continue the collection process including referral to the Treasury Offset Program, private collection agencies, Department of Justice for enforced collection, and credit bureau reporting.

Please note that we have the option to resume collections at any time if an individual’s status changes or if additional information is obtained which indicates that an individual is able to make payments.

I elected to serve active duty in lieu of repayment

Air Force

Individuals who have entered Active Duty service in any branch, with a debt that was a direct result of their disenrollment from the Air Force Reserve Officer Training program may apply to HQ AFROTC to request termination of the debt. Submit the following items:

  • Letter from member stating request
  • Copy of most recent LES
  • Statement of Service (Proof of Service) letter with Active Duty Service  Date or a DD 214

60 West Maxwell Blvd
Maxwell AFB AL  36112-6501

Individuals who have entered Active Duty service in any branch, with a debt that originated from the Army may apply to the Board for Correction to Military Records using DD Form 149, Application for Correction of Military Record, to request termination of the debt. Submit your completed DD Form 149 to the appropriate address on page 2 of the form.

Both Officer and Enlisted member must send copies of:

  • a request to either defer the debt if less than 24 months Active Enlisted Service or waive debt if more than two year or commissioned (add mailing address with POC phone number)
  • Oath of Office/DD Form 4 (all three copies of enlisted documents)
  • a statement of Service from command with Active Duty Service Date or a DD 214


Commander, Naval Service Training Command
Attn: OD4
250 Dallas Street, Sute A
Pensacola FL 32508-5220.

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Page updated December 13, 2021