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If you disagree with a debt

If you disagree with a debt, you may request a cursory review within the first 30 days of the issuance of the original debt notification letter. There are many reasons why a debt occurs and/or is protested, including:

  • Service member’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI) recovery – premium was paid by service on behalf of member
  • Incorrect final pay or payments received after the individual separated from service
  • Non-performance or performance past date of separation (DOS) from the service
  • Debts generated from excess leave
  • Recoupment* of bonus for enlistment or re-enlistment

*Recoupment - Military term meaning to take back, recover, or reimburse funds; to deduct or withhold (part of something due) for an equitable reason.

If appropriate, you may be entitled to request a hearing (if your debt is being collected through salary offset and you feel you did not receive due process). A written decision will be issued within 60 days after the filing of a Cursory Review or Hearing Petition.

Resolve your debt

Many issues can be resolved without having to file a formal debt protest. You may contact our Customer Care Center at 866-912-6488 for the following:

  • Payment options
  • Issues regarding removal of debt from credit report
  • Filing for financial hardship

If you are paying DFAS and the debt is being collected out of your active duty pay at the same time, contact both your pay office and DFAS so we can determine how to proceed.

If your debt letter indicates you are in debt for an allotment issued after you left the military but you never received the allotment, contact the allotment recipient. Most likely they received the funds and should issue you a refund.

Please Note: The wages paid in error in the prior year remain taxable to the employee for that year. This is because the employee received and had use of those funds during that year. The employee is not entitled to file an amended return (Form 1040x) to recover the income tax on these wages. Instead the employee is entitled to a deduction (or credit in some cases) for the repaid wages on his or her income tax return for the year of repayment. DFAS will mail tax certificates for amounts repaid on out-of-service debts each January.

Protesting your debt

Collection continues during the protest process. To prevent your account from being referred for involuntary offset or to a private collection agency, you must make monthly payment arrangements with our office. If your debt is adjusted down or canceled, you will receive a refund of the overpayment.

If you received debt notification from Debt and Claims Management (DCMO), your debt transferred to our office from a military pay office.  DCMO does not place anyone in debt.  If you disagree with your debt, you must contact the pay office (Army local pay office, AFAFO, PSD) that placed you in debt and ask them to submit proper documentation to our office. They should submit documentation through the Case Management System (CMS) for Army and Air Force or through the Defense Workload Operations Web System (DWOWS) for Navy. See below for required documents:

  • Travel - Settlement voucher
  • Leave cancellation - VOIDED Leave Request Authorization
  • Promotion/Demotion - DD 214, DD 4187 and a computation
  • DOS Change - DD 214/215 and separation orders
  • Reserve Bonus - Letter from Bonus Incentive Manager or Army G1, official orders, DD 214 and contract
  • Bonus - DD214 and contract
  • SGLI - SGLV 8286 declining coverage or DD 139 to credit account
  • GPL - Turn-in document


BNS (Enlistment/Re-enlistment Bonus):

  • Enlistment/Re-enlistment contract with bonus documentation
  • DD Form 214 stating separation code of non-recoupment
  • Letter from unit collection bonus or Army G1 stating that bonus is non-recoupable

EXL (Excess Leave Debt):

  • Official certified leave document that differs from the 0-642 leave computation

GPL (Loss or Damage of Government Property):

  • Contact your former Unit

LVE (Overpayment of Accrued Leave):

  • Official certified leave document that differs from the 0-642 leave computation

NRP/NPT (Overpayment):

  • Please contact your prior military pay office.


RSA (Recoupment* for performance past DOS):

  • DD Form 214/Separation orders
  • Amended Orders
  • Documentation from unit allowing performance past DOS

RSE (Excess Leave Debt):

  • Official certified leave document with differing dates

RSH (Enlistment/Re-enlistment Bonus):

  • Enlistment/Re-enlistment contract with bonus documentation
  • DD Form 214 stating separation code of non-performance
  • Official orders if placed on active duty
  • Letter from unit collecting bonus or Army G1 stating bonus is non-recoupable

RSK (Service member’s Group Life Insurance):

  • SGLI Form 8286 declining coverage
  • Letter from unit requesting cancellation of debt, on unit letterhead, signed and dated

RSN (Loss or Damage to Government Property):

  • Contact your former unit

RSR (Recoupment* of Pay after Your Release From Active Duty (REFRAD)):

  • DD Form 214 indicating a different REFRAD date

Submit protests:

Submit protests online

A possible avenue of relief is to petition for a Waivers and  Remissions or Corrections of Records.

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Page updated October, 5, 2020