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Debt Repayment Options

DFAS has three options for debt repayments based on your financial circumstance. If you are unable to pay Lump Sum, you have the right to establish monthly repayment plan within 30 days of receipt of your debt letter. Typically, a repayment plan term does not extend beyond three (3) years. DFAS will consider the size of your debt and your ability to pay within a reasonable time when considering your repayment plan.
Select one of the following payment options:

               Link to Lump Sum Payment web page                             Link to the Reduced Installment Payment Request web page
Update your Address:
If your mailing address has changed, please be sure to update it via AskDFAS here 

How to Submit an AskDFAS ticket to Update your Address:

  1. In the ‘Search (FAQs) from Debt and Claims Management’ box type: "Update address"
  2. Click “Update Address / Incorrect Address” (No. AC001)
  3. Click “Submit an inquiry to Account Inquiry / Address Change”
  4. Enter your information
  5. Click Submit
Other Charges on Account:
  • Interest
    Your account statement reflects the Treasury interest rate for your debt, and interest will begin to accrue on the unpaid principal balance 30 days after the initial debt notification date.
  • Administrative Fees
A $15.00 administrative fee will be assessed on your account for each of the following:
  • No payments received within 62 days of the initial debt notification date.
  • Initial referral to the credit bureaus.
  • Initial referral to a private collection agency.
  • Initial referral to the Treasury Offset Program.
  • ​Any personal check not processed by your bank due to "insufficient funds".
  • Penalty Charges

Penalty charges equal to six (6) percent of the unpaid principal balance will begin to accrue on your account if there are no payments received within 121 days of the initial debt notification date.

Page Updated September 23, 2021