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Credit Bureaus

We report to commercial credit bureaus when an account becomes delinquent. Accounts with no payments within 30 days of the initial debt notice are considered delinquent for payment purposes. We will report a delinquent account to the credit bureau if we do not receive a payment within 62 days of the date of the initial debt notification letter. We attempt to notify you using your last known mailing address.
All delinquent accounts are reported as a "collection account" on the consumer credit report. The debt will remain as a collection account while on the credit bureau report; however, any subsequent payment activity is reported to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis. If you believe the information reported by the credit bureau is incorrect, contact the credit bureau.

Delinquent account information is reported to the following credit bureaus:

Equifax             800-685-1111
Experian           888-397-3742

Trans Union      800-916-8800
Innovis             800-540-2505

If you contact us once you pay your debt in full, we will ask the credit bureau to delete the debt from your credit file, which can take up to 90 days.

Collection Agencies

FedDebt will refer delinquent debts to private collection agencies for collection assistance. The private collection agencies that provide collection assistance to the DFAS and other federal agencies are:

 FedDebt  888-826-3127
 CBE Group  866-895-4766
 ConServe  866-547-0501
 Performant Financial Corporation  888-310-2006
 Pioneer Credit Recovery   877-907-1820

Only those accounts that become delinquent are referred to the collection agencies through FedDebt. If you have any questions, please contact FedDebt at 888-826-3127.

Accounts may be referred up to two times. Once an account has been referred to a collection agency, you must contact the collection agency directly to discuss all aspects of your account, including payment arrangements.

Treasury Offset


The Treasury Offset Program  is a centralized debt collection program designed to assist agencies in the collection of delinquent debts owed to the Federal Government. The Treasury Offset Program uses this process to finds means of payment for the debt. When a match occurs, the payment is intercepted and the debt is offset, or paid, up to the amount of the debt plus assessed administrative fees. Delinquent account information is reported to the Department of Treasury on accounts with no payments received within 62 days of the date of the initial debt notification letter. Under the Treasury Offset Program, Federal Income Tax refunds, federal salaries and other payment from government agencies can be used to pay delinquent debts.

Administrative offset is authorized from payment due to an individual from:

  • Federal Income Tax Refunds - 100 percent of the remaining balance of the debt.
  • Office of Personnel Management annuity payments - 25 percent of monthly disposable income.
  • Social Security Administration payments - 15 percent of monthly disposable income.
  • Non-Department of Defense Federal Salary Offset - 15 percent of monthly disposable income.

Salary Offset

The federal salary offset process allows for collection of delinquent debts from individuals receiving federal salary from government agencies other than the Defense Department. The purpose of salary offset is to quickly allow the government to reduce the costs of debt collection.

Military Members
When a person separates from the Armed Services, a post separation debt can occur. If a member re-enlists or is called back to duty with a delinquent out-of-service debt, our office may refer the remaining balance of the debt, in addition to any accrued interest, administrative, and penalty fees, to the member's current finance office for action. Involuntary salary offset is collected at two-thirds of the member's disposable net income.
Retired Military Members
The same applies to members who retire from military service and begin receiving retired pay. If a debt due the government becomes delinquent, it will be forwarded to DFAS- Retired Pay, for action. Involuntary salary offset against a member's retired pay is also collected at two-thirds of the member's disposable pay.

Current DoD Civilian Employees
A delinquent debt will be forwarded to an individual's current pay servicing office. Involuntary salary offset against a current Defense Department civilian employee may not exceed 15 percent of disposable pay, unless the individual provides written consent for deduction of a greater amount.

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