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Types of Education Debts

Education Debt Description

Academy Debts

Debts are incurred by graduates or former cadets that fail to fulfill their active duty obligation for the cost of education at the applicable academy.

Note: Eligible for student deferment. 

ROTC Summer Camp/Cruise Debts

All three services hold summer training for their college ROTC cadets- the Air Force and Army call it "summer camp" and the Navy terms it as "summer cruise". In May of each year, they advance travel funds to their cadets who are slated to go on these training exercises. When they are finished, the Air Force and Army allow cadets to settle the advance like a normal travel advance. They report the advance on their voucher, and it's taken into consideration when they file. The Navy does not allow cadets to settle the advance as a normal advance. It is not placed onto the travel voucher to be taken into consideration, and is, instead, treated as an advance in pay on the Reserve Master Military Pay Account. If the Cadet stays with the NROTC Program, it is eventually collected out of their reserve pay. If they leave the program, the debt comes to our office for collection. There is nothing the Navy member or unit can provide, other than proof that they did not receive the payment in question, to cancel these types of debts.

Note: Eligible for student deferment. 

Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP)

The Air Force and Navy refer debts on individuals dis-enrolled from HPSP (studying the medical field) or former members not fulfilling their active duty obligation.

National Security Education Program (NSEP)

These debts are for education expenses incurred by students in the NSEP.

Palace Knight (PhD Program)

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base established this program, providing the educational costs, for the purpose of providing civilian employees the opportunity to obtain their PhD in engineering. In turn, the employee is obligated to continue working three times the length of the total training period. Employees unable to meet the requirements are liable for the training cost (tuition), travel, and transportation. Note that the debt is prorated to the percentage of agreement not completed.

Specialized Training Reserve Assistance Program (STRAP)

The purpose of this program is to provide adequate numbers of commissioned officers, for each military branch, which are qualified in health professional specialties. Congress authorized the Secretary of the Army to establish and maintain a program to provide financial assistance to persons training in such specialties. Financial assistance is provided in return for their service in the Ready Reserve.

Troops To Teachers

This program was established with the intent for civilian employees, typically working for the Army, to obtain their teacher’s certification. A stipend is paid to an individual while they are enrolled in the program. Upon successful completion of the program, the teacher is obligated to provide education support where needed.


Make a Payment

We accept full and partial payments for out-of-service debts, including payments toward a reduced installment payment. Penalties and interest will continue to grow until you pay the full balance. To learn more, visit Make a Payment.

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