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Privacy Information


Privacy Information


  • Public Law 97-365,
  • Public Law 104-134

Principal Purpose:

Method by which former civilian employees or former military members request information on their out-of-service debt accounts.

Routine Use(s):

Aside from disclosures within the service or DoD and to the Comptroller General in the course of administering the above statutes, data may be routinely disclosed to the Department of Justice and to commercial credit agencies whenever a financial status report is requested by the DoD for use in administering the Federal Claims Collection Act. Your Social Security Number will be used to distinguish you from all other individuals who have sought information on their accounts. This information may also be used for any one of the Department of Defense blanket routine uses as published in the Federal Register.

If you would like to add an authorized POC to discuss your account with us, please notify us verbally or in writing. Visit 'Contact us.'


Voluntary; however, failure to disclose requested data, including your Account Number and/or Social Security Number, may prevent processing of your inquiry.

Regulation Page:

  • 5 U.S.C. 5514
  • 31 U.S.C.
  • 31 CFR, Parts 900
  • DoDFMR 7000.14-R
  • Volume 5, Part 2,
  • Executive Order (E.O.) 9397
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