Retiree Appreciation Events 2023

Come see us at the following upcoming Retiree Appreciation events! For more information about the events, see our Events webpage at:
Events in the United States
October 20: Fort Knox, KY
October 21: Welch, MN
October 27: Wright Patterson AFB, OH
November 2: NBSD Annual Military Retiree Seminar (Virtual Event)
November 3: Hanscom AFB, MA
November 4: Los Angeles AFB, CA
Retiree Appreciation Days in Europe
October 13: USAG Benelux Brunssum (Netherlands)
October 14: USAG Benelux-SHAPE (Belgium)
October 16: USAG Italy
October 18: USAG Ansbach
October 19: USAG Rheinland-Pfalz
October 24: USAG Bavaria
October 26: USAG Stuttgart
October 28: USAG Wiesbaden
Please confirm event details with the hosting organization of an event.
Page Updated Sept 27 2023