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News from Our Partners: Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society – Making a Difference for Sailors, Marines, and their Families

Recent floods in the South remind us that a disaster can strike at anytime, anywhere. We recently received a letter from a client who was assisted several years ago when they were impacted by a flood. We often hear from clients years after they have been assisted. If you would like to share your NMCRS story, please send an email to communications@nmcrs.org.


In early July of 2017, the Chicago area had record heavy rains which caused flooding in many areas. I was one of those affected. I am a military member stationed at Great Lakes and own a home in the surrounding area. The rains caused my sewer line to back up into my finished basement, leaving me with approximately 10-15 inches of sewer water and an estimated $10,000 dollars of damage.

I had black mold growing in my basement within 24 hours of the initial water influx. It took a week and a half before I could get a plumber to come out and stop the flow. I found out that all of the drywall and tile needed to be torn out, my furnace and water heater needed to be replaced… everything in my basement had to go. Furniture, appliances, things I had stored… all of it was contaminated. The first thing I did was contact my insurance company and I found out that none of it was covered.

Next I contacted my bank. Unfortunately, I had just taken out a loan to replace my roof three months prior. I could not take out another one. In addition, my partner had taken a new job that had him out of town for two months. During the transition, I had been supporting both of us on my E-5 with no dependents salary. I found myself without air conditioning, hot water and unable to pay my bills.

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society rescued me. They gave me emergency funds the first day I contacted them and set up an appointment with me to look at my budget. They gave me a grant to replace my furnace and water heater, which cost more than $4,000. They put me in touch with a Crisis Management team which promised to clean out my basement free of charge. They helped me with my budget and pointed me in the direction of some other ways to get my finances in order. In less than a month, I have my air conditioning and hot water back, a financial plan with my bank in place, my bills are taken care of and I stand to be better off in a year than I was before all this happened.

It has cost me nothing.

I can't begin to express how grateful I am to NMCRS for what they have done for me. They literally saved me from financial, physical and emotional ruin. I know how melodramatic that sounds, but that's the hand to God's honest truth. I've never donated to or supported any organization of any kind in my entire life, nor have I ever endorsed one in any way… until now.

Thank you doesn't even cover it.


The NMCRS Visiting Nurse Program officially began on November 25, 1922, when Nell Watson was hired as the Society's first Visiting Nurse at the Parris Island Branch Auxiliary. This year, we are thrilled our Visiting Nurse Program is celebrating its centennial year. So many things have changed in nursing and at NMCRS over the past century. However, the care, compassion, and commitment of our visiting nurses has remained the same.

The mission of the NMCRS Visiting Nurse Program is to improve the quality of life for Navy and Marine Corps active duty, retirees, and family members by providing health education and resource referral to promote health maintenance and continuity of care.

The Visiting Nurses provide health education throughout the lifespan and can work with your health care team to let them know how you’re doing between visits to your doctor. While visiting nurses do not provide emergency or bedside care, they can help you understand your options for taking the best possible care of yourself

NMCRS Visiting Nurses offer a variety of services including home visits, telehealth, health education classes, and support groups to help you to understand and achieve your health and wellness goals. To learn about a nurse in your area, please visit Visiting Nurse Program | NMCRS - https://www.nmcrs.org/pages/health-education


Did you know that the most common requests for no-interest loans and grant assistance at NMCRS are basic living expenses, such as rent and food? Each year, NMCRS provides millions of dollars in assistance for these daily needs to both active duty and retired Sailors and Marines. And we provide free, confidential support that does not affect your credit score. If you are facing a financial challenge please do not hesitate to reach out to NMCRS. To learn more, please visit https://www.nmcrs.org.

Since 1904, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society has been there to assist active duty and retired Sailors, Marines and their families in their time of need. We will continue to be there to assist Sea Service members, thanks to the generous support of our donors. If you would like to set up an allotment, please contact NMCRS to begin the process. If you would like to make a gift online to support your fellow shipmates and Marines, you can make a credit card donation at https://support.nmcrs.org/a/rfd.

You may also opt to donate by check by mailing your gift to NMCRS at 875 N Randolph St, Suite 225, Arlington, VA 22203. Thank you!

Page updated Sep 28 2022