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News from Our Partners: Air Force Assistance Fund Charities Thank USAF Retirees

Many Airmen across the Air Force family (active, guard, reserve, retired, and surviving spouses of retirees) have been impacted by the current coronavirus health crisis.  If you are, or know of a fellow Airman, Space Professional, or a family member in one of these situations, you can rely on the assistance given by the four official and affiliate charities of the Department of the Air Force.  Visit www.afassistancefund.org to see how they can help, and how you can get in contact with them for yourself, a loved one, or a friend.

Our Air Force Charities have been responding to the effects this virus is having on our Air Force and Space Force families in an all-out attempt to support their fellow service members and families in any way possible.

The Gen & Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation has provided a “One Time Relief Grant” to each of their widows, easing financial stress with increased prescription and grocery delivery costs. This year has been extremely difficult with COVID-19. The foundation cares for these spouses and will continue to assist them in any way they can. Your support has continued to make a tremendous impact for them.

Air Force Enlisted Village, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides senior living services for Air Force surviving spouses, is doing everything possible to protect residents who are most vulnerable to coronavirus/COVID-19 due to their ages. Because of the kindness of you and your contemporaries we have maintained our high standard of care and services to our residents.  AFEV has provided an offset to our widows who needed a little extra help in making ends meet; we purchased extra cleaning supplies and our staff is sanitizing high touch and high traffic areas per CDC guidelines.   We have managed this along with the extra staff that was hired to screen people entering the campus and to shop for groceries for residents.

Since its inception, the Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation (AFVCF) has supported widowed spouses of Air Force heroes during their most vulnerable years: retirement.  In the age of COVID-19, Airmen and their spouses continue to choose to live at Blue Skies of Texas due to its top-rated continuum of healthcare and outstanding crisis preparedness.  Those in Blue Skies’ care have peace of mind as the team protects them via the delivery of prescriptions, meals and necessary items, all straight to their doors. 

The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) has stepped in to assist many Air Force and Space Force families who are facing financial challenges because of COVID-19. Many Airmen and Space Force Professionals have found themselves in tough situations because spouses have lost their jobs or they received PCS orders and, because of stop movement orders, the rest of the family hasn’t been able to relocate with them.  During this difficult time, AFAS pledges are so important to ensure that our service members aren’t facing these stressful situations alone. Your gift to the AFAF Campaign will help us continue to be there when Air Force and Space Force families need us even during a pandemic like the one we’re facing now.

The men and women serving in the four official and affiliate charities of the Air Force thank you, our Air Force Retiree family, for your generous support during the 2020 AFAF Campaign while our country has been under siege by this invisible adversary—COVID-19.  As our campaign workers were forced to suspend desk-to-desk solicitations (for their safety), we knew fundraising would suffer—and it did.  In 2012, a record $7.8 million was raised.  In 2019, it had dropped to $3.3 million, an all-time low…until now.  This year, the virus and resultant economic distress has resulted in our fundraising yielding $1.48 million from the base campaigns—still, an amazing showing of support under these circumstances.  And, we had help!  Retirees mailed in nearly $58,000 in checks and payroll deduction allotment authorizations.  Retirees were also a major contributing factor in AAFES raising over $577,000 to bring our annual total to over $2.13 million!  Though retired, you’ve taken an active part in maintaining our legacy of Airmen “taking care of our own”!

If you have not had the chance to give this year and wish to, giving is easier than ever:
  • Donate via Text-to-Give by texting AFAF to 50155; or
  • Donate online at https://www.afassistancefund.org (click the donate button).  There, you can use the e-Giving platform on the left side of the page (credit/debit card or e-check); or
  • You can download and print the donation form linked to the right side of the page.  With the donation form, you can choose to give by allotment from your retired pay (which won’t begin until July 2021), or by sending a check or money order of any amount to:
            *Please don’t send cash in the mail.
Again, on behalf of the four charities, and on behalf of the thousands of Fellow Airmen and families you’ve impacted – thank you!

Page Updated Dec 16, 2020