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News from our Partners: Retired Activities Office (RAO) Programs OPNAV N170C

The Navy Retired Activities Office (RAO) provides support service to all military retirees (regular and reserve) from all branches of military service, their spouses, families, annuitants, authorized or designated beneficiaries, representatives or guardians worldwide.

The RAO serves as a point of contact and resource to ensure the retired community is kept up to date with current information and benefits. Annual Retiree Seminars /Retiree Appreciation Days are scheduled and announced to provide current and local information for retirees. Many services are driven by the needs of the local retired community, in which services are provided by retired volunteers, retired family member, government service employees or active duty personnel.

Click here for a listing of RAOs, phone numbers, emails and the hours of operations.

Also, volunteer support is needed working at RAOs located across the U.S. If you would like to volunteer please contact local RAO Director annotated “Need volunteers” on the attached listing.

Page last updated on Sept 16, 2020