News from Our Partners: Bases Launch 2023 Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign…50 Years of Caring


On 27 February, the Department of the Air Force launched the 50th annual Air Force Assistance Fund 50 Years of Caring Campaign at Air and Space Force Bases worldwide.  Thanks to your generosity, over $243 Million have been donated by Airmen and Guardians, and other supporters over these past 49 years, providing a safety net for our fellow Airmen, and now Guardians as well as their families.  Your contributions helped provide a total of over $45,000, in assistance in 2022!  I’d like to enjoin you to continue your support of these four extraordinary charities, committed to taking care of our own

The Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation provides the full spectrum of the continuum of care for widows and widowers of retired Air Force Officers living at Blue Skies of Texas in San Antonio, just down the road from Lackland AFB.  Thanks to your generous donations over the years, over 600 surviving spouses have been served.  Over $23 million has been invested in their care since 1970 and you’ll be glad to know 100% of gifts go directly to the residents’ living expenses and continuing care to allow them the peace of mind to live comfortably in their homes with a secure future.
The Air Force Aid Society made sweeping changes in policy in recent years, opening the aperture of support to all Guard and Reserve personnel, as well as assisting more Airmen and Guardians with the use of more grants (that don’t need to be repaid) and fewer loans (which do need to be repaid…interest free, of course).  In 2022, the Air Force Aid Society provided $13 million in direct assistance to over 17,000 Airmen, Guardians, and their families.  Whether the need was emergency assistance; educational scholarships for dependents; or community programs ranging from childcare programs, to car care, to spouse/parenting programs—the Society has been there for us for 80 years…thanks to you!

The Air Force Enlisted Village, situated basically “across the street” from Eglin AFB, continues a long tradition of fulfilling their primary mission: “To provide a home”.  No eligible widow or widower of a retired Airman or Guardian has ever been turned away due to an inability to pay.  Residents enjoy independent living, assisted living and memory support on the Bob Hope Village and Hawthorne House campus.  And decisions are made based on “The Mom Rule”:  Would I do this to my mom?  Would I do this for my mom? And, would my mom approve?  Your donations have provided essentials that many of us take for granted:  A safe home, security, dignity, independence, and camaraderie.

The General & Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation provides financial support to the surviving spouses of officer and enlisted Air and Space Force retirees with grants of monetary assistance that don’t ever need to be repaid.  Monthly grants range from $200 to $625.  One-time support is provided for unplanned expenses as well.  Last year, more than $23,000 one-time grants helped with past due mortgage payments, dental needs, and emergency lodging.  Your support continues to matter to the current 63 spouses receiving monthly aid to help with the necessities of life.  These grants make everyday living a little easier with personal care costs, transportation services, and meal deliveries.  And thanks to your generosity, in 2022, the LeMay Foundation provided over $341,000 in grants to their recipients.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to give but so desire, you can give anytime online now at  Just click the “DONATE NOW!!” button near the top right of the page.  You’ll be taken to our donation page where you can choose to either use a donation form to authorize payroll deduction donations, or document where you’d like your check or money order donation to go.  Then there’s our “E-Giving” option where you can help out your favorite base and squadron by giving directly to their campaign—just scroll down to the “DONATE TODAY WITH OUR NEW PEER-TO-PEER PLATFORM” box and click the “Donate Today!” button.  You can also give by texting AFAF to 50155 using your smart phone.

By any of these E-Giving options, a one-time donation as well as recurring (monthly) donations may be made by either credit/debit card or by e-Check (draw from checking).  We know many retirees have asked in the past to be able to give on a continual basis without having to renew the Payroll Deduction Plan allotments each year—now we have that capability with e-Giving by using your credit card, debit card or authorizing auto-draft from checking (e-check)!  Join the AFAF Wingman Squadron today by signing up for monthly giving and your monthly donation won’t automatically stop after just one year—unless you pause or stop it yourself.  You’re in full control with your giving account!  In fact, if you authorize monthly recurring e-giving, it’s highly recommended that you set up an account.  You can do that after making your donation online by going to and clicking the “Sign In” link In the box that pops up, you can log in with Facebook, Google, Apple, or if you’ve already established an account, you can enter your Username/Password.  Otherwise, please click the “Create an Account” link.  This account will give you the autonomy to manage your monthly gifts without needing assistance.  If you need help linking your account to your monthly gift, please contact Department of the Air Force Fundraising at 

 Again, if e-Giving isn’t your thing, that’s okay.  You can still give by check, money order, cashier’s check, or through the annual payroll deduction plan from your retired pay.  The contribution form can be found online at   Please be aware that payroll deduction allotment authorizations mailed to AFPC will not begin coming from retired pay until 1 July 2023. 

Mail Check and Payroll Deduction Plan Donations to:
Thank you once again for your continued support of the annual AFAF Campaign, and our fellow Airmen, Guardians, and their families.  Retired, but still Active!

Page updated Mar 29, 2023