Director’s Message


The weather is getting warmer, the snow is melting here in Cleveland, and the days are getting longer. That means that spring is upon us. It also means the March edition of the Retiree Newsletter is here! This newsletter is full of articles with very useful information.

Taxes are due soon, so we have an article with information to help you finish your taxes. If you need a re-issued 1099-R or to make a change in your tax withholding status, the information on how to easily get that done is in there. There is also important information on a change to the IRS Form W-4P.

For our Gray Area Retiree Spotlight, we have the first in a series of articles on the Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP).

As you may know, the 2023 NDAA provides for an SBP Open Season. We have three articles in this issue with details about the Open Season. The first article is an overview, the second article outlines the enrollment process, and the third article outlines the discontinuation process. If you are considering enrolling or discontinuing during the SBP Open Season, which runs from December 23, 2022 to January 1, 2024, please read these articles for important information you need to know.

We also have a helpful article on keeping your Arrears of Pay (AOP) and Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) beneficiaries informed and updated. This is a good article to share with your loved ones.

This year brought big changes to the Survivor Benefit Plan for surviving spouses and for the surviving spouse and children of members who died in the line of duty. We have a brief look-back at what happened earlier this year.

Finally, we have some very informative articles from our partners in this issue. Be sure to check them out.  

We hope you find this newsletter useful and informative. Once your taxes are complete, be sure to get outside and enjoy the spring weather.

As always, it is our pleasure to serve those that served our great country.

Page updated Mar 29, 2023