Tax Season Deadline Approaching: How to get a Duplicate Copy of Your 1099-R Tax Statement

With the tax deadline rapidly approaching (Monday, April 18th), now is a good time to make sure you have all your tax documents in hand. Here is a summary of current information on release dates and some resources available to you if you are missing any documents.

For those of you opting to receive documents by mail, note that 1099-Rs were mailed on time, prior to January 31, 2022. If you need a reissue, the fastest and most secure way to obtain a copy of a 1099-R is through myPay. Not only is it easy to access your account information through myPay, but prior year 1099-Rs are also available (retirees-up to four prior years; annuitants-up to two prior years). 

Another advantage of using myPay is that your 1099R tax statement will be available much sooner than through postal mail. This season, retiree 1099-Rs were available on myPay starting December 17, 2021 and annuitant 1099-Rs were available as of December 21, 2021.

Instructions to access these documents are at:

If you aren’t a frequent user of myPay, now is a great time to get started, as it is now simpler, streamlined and more mobile-friendly. If you use myPay, you can easily check to make sure we have your correct mailing address and email address.

DFAS also provides a self-serve telephone option for retirees. Retirees can access the phone option at 1-800-321-1080. If you are a retiree using the phone option, please verify your current mailing address is correct.  

The telephone option is currently available for retirees only, not annuitants, and only for the current year tax statement.

If the address you have on file with DFAS is out of date and you are not a myPay user, you (both retirees and annuitants) can get your 1099-R sent to a one-time, temporary mailing address or to your mailing address on record by submitting your request online. Plus, you can request prior year 1099-Rs. Your 1099-R should be in the mail within 7-10 business days. Find instructions at (this link is case-sensitive): 

If you prefer traditional mail, you can send us a written request by fax or mail, but please make sure you leave time for processing. It can take up to 30 days to process requests received by fax or mail. Find instructions at (this link is case-sensitive): 

Members with unique situations can speak directly to one of our customer care representatives. Depending on call volume, wait times will vary while we assist other customers. For more information, go to (this link is case-sensitive): 

Changing Your Federal Tax Withholding

If you need to change your withholding, you can do it easily in myPay. Or you can fill out and mail an IRS Form W-4 if you are a military retiree or an IRS Form W-4P if you are an SBP annuitant. The forms are available on the IRS website ( and are also linked from the DFAS Forms webpage:

Please note: You are not required to file a new Form W-4 or Form W-4P unless you claim exemption from federal tax withholding. If you claim exemption, the IRS requires you file a new W-4 or W-4P at the beginning of EACH tax year. 

Essential Information on Taxation of Retired Pay

Military retired pay is paid for many different reasons under many different laws. There are differences in the types of pay a military retiree might receive and the tax laws that apply to them. Whether a portion or all of an individual’s military retired pay is subject to federal income taxes depends on his/her individual circumstances.  

An individual’s choice to have no withholding for federal taxes does not impact whether the individual’s military retired pay is actually subject to federal income taxes. Ultimately, the IRS will determine the amount of taxes owed on the military retired pay. 
See the DFAS retired pay taxes webpage for more information for retirees:

See the DFAS manage your SBP annuity webpage for more information for annuitants:

DFAS customer service representatives cannot provide tax advice or recommendations about withholding. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions about your taxes.

The IRS Tax Withholding Estimator

The IRS has an online Tax Withholding Estimator to help you determine how much tax you need to have withheld. The calculator helps taxpayers estimate if the right amount is being withheld from their income to cover their tax liability. 

The estimator uses a simple, six-step question-and-answer format using information like marital or filing status, income, withholding, adjustments, deductions and credits.

The mobile-friendly estimator is available at:

Great News: 1099R Tax Statement Online Request Now Accepts Foreign Addresses

The askDFAS 1099R request recently underwent a major upgrade. Instead of only United States residents being able to request a 1099R, any retiree or annuitant, anywhere in the world, can now use this askDFAS function.

This will have major benefits to our overseas customers as the askDFAS ticket can be submitted at any time. Upon receipt of the askDFAS ticket we will process the request. We average two business days for the request to be processed. To submit a request for a 1099R please visit the following link:


Page updated Mar 30, 2022