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Retiree Form Wizard Now Available For Use: DD Form 2894 - Designation of Beneficiary

We are excited to introduce the Form Wizard for the DD Form 2894 – Designation of Beneficiary. This is the first Form Wizard available for use by retirees. There will be more to follow.

What does the Form Wizard do? It 'takes the form out of the form’ by having the retiree answer a series of questions. Once the questions are answered, the wizard automatically places the answers in the correct areas of the form and generates a ready-to-print PDF of the completed form. 

Users can save a PDF of the generated form to their own computer. The DD 2894 Form Wizard has electronic signature capability. 

This electronic signature option allows the retiree to electronically sign the form in place of their handwritten signature. Use of the electronic signature makes the process of completing and submitting the form much easier for retirees.

They can fill it out, sign it, and authenticate it online and then directly upload it online to askDFAS on DFAS.mil instead of having to print out the form, sign it, scan it and then upload it online.  

The DD 2894 Form Wizard is available at: https://www.dfas.mil/RetiredMilitary/forms/ 

The DD 2894 Form is also eligible for status notifications when uploaded to askDFAS.


Page updated Mar 30, 2022