Director's Message

Greetings from Cleveland. Spring is nearly here. The ice on Lake Erie is gone (always a good sign!), and the days are getting a little warmer.
Winter’s end also means that tax season is in full swing. 

If you are still in need of tax documents for your retired or annuitant pay account, there are several self-service options available. You can use myPay to get both current and past tax documents, use our AskDFAS online request form, or use our convenient telephone self-serve ordering option.

To ensure your pay continues to get to you accurately and on time, please check your account statement or check myPay and ensure that your account information and your mailing address are correct. Also make sure you have an email address in myPay where we can send you information and notifications.

If you are a retiree, please check that your Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) beneficiary and Arrears of Pay (AOP) beneficiary information are correct. There is an article in this newsletter that will help you ensure your SBP coverage is correct if you want coverage for a spouse or former spouse.

We continue to expand status notifications for our retirees. This provides basic notifications about the receipt and status of a request from our retiree or annuitant customers via email update. We began this initiative last year, and we are continually adding new items to the notification list.

January 2022 marked the implementation of Phase Two of the 2020 SBP-DIC Offset Elimination (NDAA). We have an article in this issue explaining what this means for those survivors affected.

Finally, our website has a lot of helpful information. Take a few minutes to check it out:

I hope you find the articles in this issue helpful. Feel free to share the information with your retired military friends who may not see the online editions of the newsletter.

We thank you for your service and are honored to serve you. Please stay safe and well.


Page updated Mar 30, 2022