Director's Message  -  June 2020


Greetings from Cleveland! Summer is right around the corner, and here in Ohio we are enjoying the sunny, warm weather. We hope you are, too.
Our primary goal at DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay is to ensure you receive your pay accurately and on time. To do that, we need your help.  It’s important for you to regularly review and update your pay account because changes in your life can affect your pay.
Please check out our article that highlights important information on how to keep your account current, including the convenience of using myPay. If you have Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) coverage, it’s also important to make sure coverage and beneficiaries are current. You can do that by verifying the SBP information on your Retiree Account Statement, and we’ve outlined how to do that in this article, as well. 
Preparing your loved ones for the future is a difficult but important conversation. We have an article with important information to share, including some convenient tools for your loved ones to make the process a bit easier during a difficult time.

We continue to prepare for the SBP-DIC Offset phased elimination. We have included an article with some key points to keep in mind. And remember to check the webpage we created to share the latest news on the status of the three-year phased elimination offset:

Finally, we’re very excited to share that we now have a new, easier form and process for SBP School Certifications. The new process reduces the paperwork and makes it more convenient for SBP child beneficiaries who must regularly certify they are full-time students to continue receiving the annuity. Check out the article in this issue or the news on our website:

We hope you find this newsletter helpful. If you have friends who aren’t online, be sure to download the PDF version of this newsletter and share. 
We thank you for your service and are honored to serve you. Please be well and be safe.

Page last updated on June 17, 2020