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News from Our Partners: DoD Uniformed Services ID Card Reissuance

     In July 2020, DoD began the transition from the paper-based Uniformed Services Identification (USID) card to a more secure, Next Generation USID card (https://www.cac.mil/Next-Generation-Uniformed-Services-ID-Card). The Next Generation USID card incorporates an updated design and security features to deter counterfeiting and fraud, and is printed on plastic cardstock.

     Retirees and their dependent are welcome to have their paper-based USID card replaced at their convenience. Please use the "ID Card Office Locator & Appointments" option on ID Card Office Online at: https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco, to find ID card sites near you. After selecting the site you want to go to, use the "Schedule an Appointment" button. The "More Site Info" link may provide additional and pertinent site information. You also may want to check to see if that facility provides “walk-in” services. Some of our sites have appointments booked for several months in advance due to social distancing practices. In that circumstance, we encourage you to use alternate searches to find other sites with availability and please keep checking back as they update their calendars.

Page updated December 23, 2022