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Help Us Help You Protect Your Money: Protect Your myPay Login


Criminals are working hard to steal your money. DFAS works diligently to protect your pay. The challenge is that criminals continually create new schemes to counter our efforts.

As we work on the technology side to protect your pay, such as implementing Two Factor Authentication (2FA), we need your help to protect your account.

We added SmartDoc emails and texts to inform you when your account information is changed. It’s important to pay attention if you receive an email or text notification. If you did not make a change to your account, please contact our Customer Care Center immediately so we can take prompt corrective action.

One of the biggest vulnerabilities you face today is not adequately securing access information to your financial accounts. Don’t let short-term convenience offered by a non-DoD business cause a financial problem for you.

Saving passwords or login information on your computer or device without security can make your accounts vulnerable to people who want your money. Also, linking your myPay account or bank account to a financial site or a budgeting app is convenient, but it does increase the risk that your financial accounts can be compromised. We recommend you never input your myPay login on any website or app except for on https://mypay.dfas.mil.

Don’t give your login information to anyone, even if they offer to help you print your tax statement or account statement. Once your login information is in someone else’s hands, you run the risk of losing control of your money.

Also, be wary of phishing calls, emails or texts where someone asks you to provide them with personal information or financial information to verify your identity or your account. DFAS will never call, text or email and ask you for your personal information unless you first contact us or request assistance.


  • Protect your personal information and your financial access information

  • Monitor your accounts

  • Review all notifications

  • When in doubt, call the financial institution or call the DFAS myPay Customer Care Center toll-free at: 1-888-332-7411

Page updated: Aug. 25, 2022