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Additional Forms Available for Upload Online via the askDFAS Online Upload Tool


As part of our work to modernize Retired & Annuitant Pay and make the processes easier for you, we are building a suite of online tools that allow forms and required documentation to be uploaded through askDFAS on the DFAS.mil website, which is also accessible on a mobile browser.

These tools are a quick and easy way to submit select forms and documents to us directly. Instead of mailing or faxing your completed forms, you can now upload some of them directly in a PDF through the askDFAS online tool on the DFAS.mil website. Submission through askDFAS will improve the way requests are submitted and eliminate the time and hassle of sending requests through mail or fax and provide more timely and accurate service to the retiree.

It’s easy to use the online upload tool. Just click on the link, fill in the required information and attach a PDF of your completed and signed form and any associated documentation. When submitting additional documentation, it is important to include your name and social security number on every document. When you complete and submit the ticket, the documentation will then be uploaded to our system for processing. You will receive an automated email confirming your ticket has been created with a link to view your ticket in the future. When you use the online upload tool to submit your forms, certain forms may also be eligible to receive status notifications (see the status notifications article in this issue).

We have recently expanded the series of online upload tools to include the following forms that retirees use to make requests and changes to their retired pay accounts:

DD Form 2894 Designation of Beneficiary for Arrears of Pay Upload/Submit

Retirement Orders Upload/Submit

Please note the askDFAS online upload tools can only accept the specific form and documentation noted on that upload tool. Other requests or documents cannot be processed through the online upload tools at this time. 

When documents are submitted using askDFAS, it can take up to 72 hours for those documents to be uploaded and indexed in our system.

Once the documents have been indexed in our system, the documents will follow our typical processing timeframes. askDFAS ticket numbers CANNOT be used to check the status of a document when calling the Customer Care Center.


Page updated: Dec 15, 2021