Changes Coming to Mailed Retiree Account Statements

For those retirees who still have a Retiree Account Statements (RAS) mailed to them, there will soon be some changes. DFAS Retired & Annuitant Pay is working diligently to identify efficiencies that can speed up the processing of requests and reduce costs.

Currently, if your account is set to hardcopy (mail), you receive a RAS in the mail each time there is a change to your account to confirm that change, even if that means you are mailed more than one RAS during the month. We are eliminating the generation of multiple mailed statements each month and all changes occurring within a month will reflect on your monthly RAS.

If you use myPay, there will still be an interim RAS available in your myPay account that will confirm changes to your pay or account, as well as your regular monthly RAS. Did you know your Retiree Account Statement is available in myPay each month a few days prior to payday? And that you can view, print and download your statement, as well as statements from the previous months?

If you’re not using myPay, now is a great time to get started. Go to and look for New User.


Page updated March 17, 2021