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New Form Wizard Now Available For Use: DFAS 9415 Representative Payee Certification       

We are excited to introduce the new Form Wizard for the DFAS 9415 Representative Payee Certification. The purpose of the form is to establish a representative payee to receive survivor annuity payments on the behalf of a minor, mentally incompetent, or otherwise legally disabled person for whom a guardian or other fiduciary has not been appointed.

What is the advantage of using the Form Wizard? It 'takes the form out of the form’ by having the representative payee answer a series of questions. Once the questions are answered, the wizard automatically places the answers in the correct areas of the form and generates a ready-to-print PDF of the completed form.

The DFAS 9415 Form Wizard is available at: https://www.dfas.mil/raforms

The DFAS 9415 is also eligible for status notifications when uploaded to askDFAS.

In many cases when accessing a fillable PDF form or Form Wizard, the user must download or save the pdf to their computer or device and then go to the saved location and open the form or Form Wizard. Form Wizards cannot be used on a smartphone or tablet, because they require software that is only available on a computer to function. Also, we don’t recommend saving completed forms on a public or shared computer due to the Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Page Updated Oct 26, 2022