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Do You Have an SBP Child Annuitant Turning 18? Important Information You Should Know 

Many SBP child annuitants, for example, those who are unmarried and attending school full time, may remain eligible to receive benefits after reaching the age of 18. Once they turn 18, however, they will no longer have a guardian or legal representative. DFAS will therefore discontinue the direct deposit allowing the guardian or legal representative to receive benefits on the annuitant’s behalf.

To avoid any disruption in direct deposit, DFAS allows the annuitant to set up a direct deposit in their own name up to 60 days prior to reaching their 18th birthday. Because they are still a minor child at this time, both the annuitant and the guardian/legal representative must sign a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form 1199A.

This form may be found here:

The annuitant will receive a letter prior to their 18th birthday reminding them to establish a new direct deposit and enclosing a Direct Deposit Authorization. If the annuitant fails to set up a new direct deposit by their 18th birthday, the annuity will be sent to the address of record in the form of a paper check. This will continue until a new direct deposit is established.

Page Updated Apr 27 2022