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Check Out Our Helpful Customer Information Guide for SBP Annuitants


DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay is working hard to provide better communication and helpful tools to make managing your SBP annuity pay easier.

Our new Annuitant Customer Information Guide outlines the tools we developed to simplify finding basic information about your pay or submitting a request for a change to your account.

The Customer Information Guide is available to download in a PDF from the Retired Military & Annuitants homepage: https://www.dfas.mil/RetiredMilitary

The new guide explains how to use many of our time-saving tools, including Form Wizards, Online Upload Tools, Status Notifications, and our website.

Form Wizards

We currently have several Form Wizards available and are working on more. The Form Wizards “take the form out of the form” by walking you through the information needed to help ensure that all necessary fields are completed properly.

The Form Wizards also have a helpful link to submit the form through an askDFAS online upload tool. Plus, some offer the option of signing electronically.

askDFAS Online Upload Tools

Many forms or requests can be submitted online via the DFAS.mil website using the askDFAS online upload tools. The new askDFAS submission tools were established to improve the way requests are submitted and eliminate the time sending requests through mail or fax.

Upload your form in a PDF directly from your home computer. Just fill in the information requested on the askDFAS online upload tool page and upload the form you want to submit in a PDF.

askDFAS Online Forms

Send DFAS information or a request via one of our AskDFAS online forms:

• Annuitants can get 1099-Rs sent to their mailing address on record or to a one-time, temporary mailing address by submitting the request online on askDFAS.

• Use our convenient online form to report the death of a military retiree.


Read helpful questions and answers about SBP annuitant pay, or submit a question of your own. Please note, these are general questions and answers, not those specific to an individual situation.

Email Status Notifications

Email Status Notifications are underway! We are starting to send status notifications with progress updates on your requests.

We send you updates when: (1) When we receive your request; (2) When your request has been assigned for processing; (3) When the request has been completed.

There are two ways to receive notifications:

A. If you send a form to us using one of the askDFAS Online Upload Tools, we send updates to you using the email address you provide on the upload tool.

B. If you send a form or request to us using fax or mail, we send updates to you using the email address registered in your myPay account. You can review and update your email address in myPay at any time. https://mypay.dfas.mil


The fastest and most secure way to manage your retired pay or SBP pay account is through myPay. myPay is available using the internet from your computer or your mobile device browser.

myPay provides convenient access to a range of information about your payments, and lets you easily update your contact information or your tax withholding, submit your annual certification, or download your tax documents. Annuitants can log in to myPay, and print a 1099-R from the comfort of their home.

Also, when you have an email address in myPay, you can receive important email messages from DFAS about your pay account.

Get Your Customer Information Guide:

Page Updated Apr 27 2022