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Authenticator Apps Make myPay Two-Factor Authentication Simpler 

A growing number of myPay customers have switched to authenticator apps to get the one-time PINs (OTP) necessary in logging into their myPay account. This method avoids any delays in receiving OTPs via text or email messages. This is particularly helpful for users located overseas. Of course, in this time of rising concerns over security of personal, financial and health information having tools that increase that security is of greater value.

myPay, which provides pay management and information services to more than six million military members, federal civilian employees, retired military members and annuitants, requires the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) to access individual accounts. While 2FA lessens the opportunities for online thieves to mimic account holder activities in order to divert pay to other bank accounts or obtain critical personal information, cyber criminals are finding ways to access email accounts, obtain passwords and even intercept text messages sent to customers’ smartphones and other mobile devices.

Authenticator apps, available for Apple and Android devices, generate the critical one-time PIN on the user’s mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) rather than relying on the code being sent from a system (such as myPay) via text or email. In this way, the 2FA one-time PIN isn’t sent via channels that are potentially intercepted by hackers.

Another critical advantage of authentication apps is the immediate one-time PIN needed for myPay login. This avoids delays in receiving email or text messages beyond the 10 minutes required to enter the PIN during the myPay login process.

Interested myPay customers can start the process by searching for authenticator apps through app stores associated with their device (i.e., Apple or Android). Once selected, downloaded and installed, users should carefully follow any instructions required to activate the app. Many authenticator apps have detailed instructions in descriptions of the product. Within the app itself, using Get Started or Help features also have information for using the app.

The next step will be to change the preferred method for receiving one-time PINs. Once the customer has logged onto their myPay account, selecting Personal Settings followed by Two-Factor Authentication will reveal already established methods to receive a one-time PIN. At the bottom of that page is a set up button to begin entering information that will allow use of PINs provided by the selected authenticator app.

Step-by-step instructions for the set up process are available at https://www.dfas.mil/mypayinfo/2FA/AuthApp/

myPay information, from the user’s name, direct deposit instructions, email addresses, etc., are too important to be unprotected and vulnerable to cyber criminals ready to make a profit on unsuspecting victims. While two-factor authentication adds to myPay’s impressive security features, use of authenticator apps makes unauthorized access of accounts that much harder.


Page Updated March 20, 2023