Top Errors on Military PCS Travel Vouchers


Incomplete or inaccurate vouchers delay or prevent payment. Avoid these common errors:

  1. Using an outdated DD 1351-2 Travel Voucher Form. Make sure you have the form dated May 2011.
  2. Inaccurate / incomplete administrative information on DD 1351-2 (Blocks 1-14).
  3. Missing orders (attachments, endorsements, amendments, etc.). Often travelers fail to send in the page containing the official seal. Be sure to include! 
  4. Incomplete itinerary on DD 1351-2 (Block 15)
  5. Missing traveler’s official signature & date (Block 20 a-b)
  6. Missing Reviewer/Approving official signature & dates (Block 20 c-d)
  7. Incomplete type of payment (Block 5)
  8. Missing the amount of advances received (Block 9)

If the PCS voucher was not fully paid due to an error or omission, a supplemental travel voucher can be submitted.

Additional Tips

Personal Vehicle Use:
When using a personal vehicle, be sure to complete Box 16 of Form DD 1351-2
Lodging Costs:
Submit all receipt copies for lodging costs, regardless of amount.
Expenses $75 or more:
Submit all receipts for all expenses incurred for $75.00 or more
Accruals/Advances:   Submit data related to all previous accruals/advances received from finance offices (non-submission of previous payment data will result in payment delay).
Form DA 31 Leave Form:
Complete this form (or leave must be annotated on the DD 1351-2)
Statement of Non-Availability:
Stayed in a commercial hotel due to unavailability of quarters on base? Include this statement to receive reimbursement for commercial lodging and meals.
Authorized TDY:
If you are authorized TDY en route, please ensure that your orders reflect accurate and complete TDY information. 
Separate Orders:

Although your TDY en route information should be included on your PCS order, sometimes you may receive separate orders.  Submit copies of any/all orders received.
Direct Deposit Information:

Only submit SF 1199 if your financial institution changed since your last TDY or PCS move.

Travel Advances:

- Select all applicable payment types in Block 5 of the DD 1351-2 to make sure you receive all authorized entitlements.
- You must select "DLA" in Block 5 if you received this type of advance.
- List the amounts of all previous advances in Block 9 on the DD 1351-2.  If you did not receive a travel advance, put "None" in Block 9.

Note: Failing to do any of these could result in a debt to the government and possible payroll deductions.